CV-José Antonio Llombart

José Antonio Llombart

Civil Engineer (Graduated from E.T.S. of ICCP of Madrid, 1964).

In the first stage of his professional life, he participates in structural projects for industrial construction and civil engineering works.

From 1968 to 1986, he works in the construction company, especially in road and railway bridges for which he develops various construction systems used in works carried out by the company itself. He has leaded the design and construction of numerous bridges and viaducts. The most outstanding ones included several stretches of the motorway between Barcelona and the French border and the Bilbao – Zaragoza motorway.  Outside of Spain, in Argentina, he leads the “9 de Julio” Urban Highway Viaducts project in Buenos Aires.

In 1987 he founded EIPSA (Estudio de Ingeniería y Proyectos) dedicated to Structural Engineering, which he ran for 25 years, where he has designed numerous bridges, viaducts and footbridges of the most varied types, built throughout the Spanish geography, as well as several in other countries.

He has developed the project and construction systems of the first viaducts made in Spain for the railway, using the launching deck procedure, belonging to the Madrid-Seville High-Speed stretch, which have been followed by several large viaducts for all other High-Speed lines, existing in Spain.

Among the achievements of road bridges, the Alconétar Viaduct stands out, over the Alcántara Reservoir, made up of arches with a span of 220 m, being the largest in the world built by means of the assembly procedure of semi-arches in a vertical position and subsequent rotating and lowering until its closure in key.

At a later stage, since 2017, he develops the professional activity as an Independent Consulting Engineer.

In the educational aspect, he has developed the work as Professor at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (School of Civil Engineers), for nine years.

He is the author of numerous articles in national and international technical journals. He has participated as a speaker in various Congresses and Technical Assemblies.

Medal of the Technical Association of Structural Concrete (ACHE), Construmat Award, 2007, “Potencia 2011” Award, “Caminos de Extremadura 2008” Award, ALE Award for a lifetime of professionalism.